The end of a spicy Lovestory!

Dear fans of SHEELA aprons!

“If you want to go new ways, you have to leave old paths.” – said Manfred Grau once.

The SHEELA Housewife Revolution and the apron-making-era is coming to an end, it’s time for change.

 After 9 wonderful and exciting years we hang our aprons up.

 Therefore, you have the unique opportunity to cover up with the last SHEELA aprons we have in stock. You also find stylish, colourful and fancy fabrics at sensational prices in our studio in Ramseiderstr. 9a in Saalfelden.

 If you do not have time to visit us, please contact us at this phone number: +43 680/1220330, because we are not in our studio every afternoon. 

We look forward to seeing you!

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Aprons – simply fabulous!

There is hardly any piece of clothing that has a longer history – by the way, history already starts in the paradise with Eve’s fig leaf – and that can tell more stories than an apron.

Aprons are cloth-made chatterboxes and give away a lot of cultural and socio-historic details; however, they also reveal private secrets, when, for instance, the position of the ribbon on a Dirndl-apron tells you the relationship status of the wearer.

And, of course, aprons are a pure understatement: seemingly being created only to protect more important textiles. That’s all past now…

Something like an apron is made in order to outwit the Zeitgeist. That is exactly what Jasmin Stanonik, founder and head of the team of SHEELA, thought when she started her housewife revolution – against the image of simply being a housewife, daily tristesse and mass ready-made clothing.

Collette, Betty, Grace, Mimi, Paulina are only a few names: all these wonderful aprons are protagonists in order to fight clichés, uprightness and boredom. They are outfitted with witty details, cheerful colours, handy features and a touch of romance or breath-taking sex appeal. Always with a sense of pleasant irony, these utility clothes transform into lifestyle products and enjoy cult status. What an apron!

Latest News


Colourful, full of the joys of life, with a wink, sexy and for all tastes – that’s how the new aprons of SHEELA Housewife Revolution and DIEGO The Housekeeper present themselves.


They are called CODY, VICTOR, MARTHA and ELVIRA and there are many more highlights of the new SHEELA aprons and DIEGO men’s aprons to discover in our collection of 2016!

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Riot of the Aprons

Aprons do not only emphasize everyday clothes. In fact, they have a certain handy purpose: aprons for chefs and for kitchen goddesses, bungalow aprons, aprons for gardening or for parties…

Jasmin Stanonik wouldn’t be the designer who she is, if she hasn’t found the perfect pattern, the right material and the handy accessories for type of apron. Jasmin, our creative head of SHEELA, who has worked as a designer for alpine skis and snowboards, knows that not only the fashionable look is important for the peppy textile label, but also its functionality. More precisely, an apron has to face different challenges whether they are being used in the kitchen or in the garden; and also men and children need different aprons than women do.

By the way: trendy aprons are an excellent gift, if you want to express something you wouldn’t usually say in a funny and charming way. “Let’s cook or bake something together?”, “You haven’t invited me for dinner a long time…”, “What would you say to eat Asian by way of variety…?”, “I think you look sexy wearing an apron!”

As already mentioned: aprons are great storytellers. They can be combined imaginatively and fit every occasion. Let’s say you are invited and you need a present (for the host). Why not an apron together with an (oriental) recipe book, or an apron for gardening together with tulip bulbs, or a grill apron together with barbeque seasoning… Let your inspiration flow! Your imagination has no boundaries!

Individual apron collection for companies

SHEELA aprons: A Spicy Lovestory!

Why I fell desperately in love with aprons?

Simply put, they are perfect: they are charming and witty; they look awesome, but they also have no problem getting dirty; they are reflecting my current feelings, they forgive me everything; sometimes they are dainty, sometimes they are just good buddies on which you can always rely on.

 My aprons do have personality!

Online shop for apron hunters!

When talking about imagination: where do the extensive and original ideas for SHEELA aprons come from every year? The SHEELA-team gets its inspiration from everyday life or while travelling. Thanks to our online shop our aprons also travel through the whole world. Fans of the SHEELA-Housewife Revolution can even be found in Japan or Australia. In conclusion, aprons are one of the few clothes that can be ordered online without any problems of measurement. Browse through our apron shop and get seduced!